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Aysegul Armay was born in İstanbul, Turkey. She  received a BS degree in industrial engineering and continued her education on the fields of management in USA. While continuing her engineering career in aviation, she began to learn basic and old techniques by taking private lessons on painting which was her great passion since her childhood.

As she used different materials in her works, she saw that the paper is the most suitable medium to express herself. She states that "The fact that the paper is touchable and creates a sense of visible depth has helped to create a three-dimensional form in my paintings", she reflects traditional art forms on objects by interpreting them from different angles.

In addition to giving importance to visuality in her paintings, she always aims to question the consciousness of the audience by emphasizing that the starting point is the idea. Before painting an idea, she emphasizes that part of doing research on the subject increases the excitement. She also aims to portray the feelings of desire, fear, faith, love and hate, as a result of the conflict between the spiritual ego and social ego, with color texture and symbolism.

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