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The artist express the painful period of the eagles to renew themselves and extend their life spans. According to a legend, it is believed that after living forty years the eagles can live thirty years more as a result of a painful period that lasted for five months by breaking their feathers and removing their beaks and tails. This story aims to inspire that change and renewal cannot be achieved without suffering, and that we can succeed as a result of our sacrifices in our lives.

royal crane bird

paper and acrylic painting

Friendship / paper art and ink

Rhino and oxpecker is the best example for mutualistic relationship. Oxpeckers land on rhinos and eat ticks and other parasites that live on their skin. Also, the oxpecker stands guard while living and feeding on the rhino, watching for danger. The bird warns the rhino of danger by making by making loud chirping or hissing noises. The rhinoceros treats the oxpecker as a guest.

Thyroid / paper art

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that sits low on the front of the neck. If you have a thyroid surgery your butterfly will die forever.

Rooster /paper art

paper art

Children of the sun / paper art and ink

I was inspired by Mesopotamian relief, located in Tell Halaf region. Tell Halaf culture is a prehistoric period which lasted between about 6100 BC and 5100 BC.

Victory / paper art

I was inspired by Commagene Kingdom. The Kingdom of Commagene was an ancient kingdom, located at Mount Nemrut. The term Commagene derived from a Greek word meaning “community of genes”. This region has been the gateway to many civilizations from the Hittites to the Ottoman Empire where wars never end. The rooster symbolizes bravery, boldness and victory as it defends the community.

Mr. Rooster / paper art and ink
lilies / paper art
Toucan / paper art

paper and ink

colorful triangle

paper, acrylic painting and ink

London / paper art
paper, ink and embroidery
embroidery paper art detail
Star / paper art
Space / paper art
Mask / paper art
Crab / paper art
aries / paper cut
custom project / paper art
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